This page allows you to explore the services that best describe your needs. Although each project is site specific, there are basic steps for every project, and we will spell them out during the preliminary stages of the project. We have listed a brief description of each service.

When requesting a proposal you will first be asked for a number of things:

  • Contact Information
  • Address or parcel number of the properties involved
  • Purpose of the request
  • Time frame

What does our research entail?
Depending on your specific project it could mean:

  • Existing zoning
  • Proposed zoning
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Existing surveys in the area
  • Deeds
  • Easements
  • Zoning regulation
  • Approved area development plans
  • Town, Village, City and County planning staff
  • FEMA Maps
  • Environmental issues such as:
  • Steep slopes
  • Wetlands
  • Floodways and Flood Planes 

This may require a meeting with you depending on the complexity of your request. We will then research your specific project to determine the time involved to see it too completion. You will be given an estimate to complete the project that could be a lump sum, usually for smaller projects, A range for projects that may be very difficult to gauge the time needed to complete, or an itemized proposal for larger projects that require multiple tasks to complete. Each of these should be a signed contract even for smaller projects so each party knows what to expect. This process could also involve other vendors, such as Title Company's, Soil Evaluations, Wetland Delineations, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Diggers Hotline, Wisconsin Historical Society, etc. Your site and project desires will determine what the process will be and who needs to be involved.